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What is Your Best Social Networking Tip?

When I attended a Denver WordPress and Social Media Meetup a few weeks ago, we all introduced ourselves and then described one thing that we do, no fail, when we want to effectively network. It’s a great list! Some are simple, tried and true, and some are surprising, but sworn by!

social networking tipsCheck them out below and tell me what you think! (It’s hard for me to not feel like singing “We are the World” when I look at this pic…)

  • Go to something every day. This way you’ll be meeting new people every day and reconnecting with other contacts. When you do this, it’s easy to connect with new people and help others connect.
  • EIC: Engage, Interact, Connect. Simple and to the point!
  • Work LinkedIn the best you can.
  • Show up. What’s the saying? “95% of success relies on just showing up.”
  • Get to know someone. Really make connections. Become friends with people. Learn about them and find things in common.
  • Birthdays: outlook. Well, enough said… Outlook alerts are gold! Everyone loves it when someone remembers their birthday! (Unless they’re my Grandma Nette, who lied about her age her whole life! She was born in 1929, but always said she was born in 1930 because she thought the 20s sounded too ancient!)
  • Always send contacts something in the mail. The gentleman who offered this tip swears by it. He said people remember him. “I had a client say, ‘I started getting mail from you 30 years ago’ and not just marketing propaganda either.” I love it! I, too, love getting things in the mail! Especially if it’s creative and not always consumer-oriented, which leads me to the next tip:
  • Provide value: don’t sell.
  • Seek to help others. I really believe that in this spirit, others will seek to help you as well.
  • Personal note. I am in agreement with the personal note thing… This is so important! You are not a number! I appreciate our business together and like being a part of creative, successful projects!
  • Phone call. Yep. It’s that thing on your desk that you don’t use much… or it’s not on your desk, it’s in your pocket, but all you do is text on it. Pick it up and randomly speed dial one of your contacts today. I dare ya.
  • Work your network and always be a connector—connecting other people. When you connect others to dream clients, they will connect you to more of them! This tip will truly make you popular…
  • Action creates clarity: get to know people and get out of your comfort zone. To me getting out of my comfort zone would be public speaking. I tend to put on a great presentation, but it is definitely not my favorite thing to do. 1-10 people in a room is just fine, but I’m talking 30. I’m working up to this one! (And don’t tell me about Toast Masters! The idea of that makes me pass out!
  • Connect with related fields. This is an excellent tip. Related fields are perfect for partnering up and cross marketing your brand!
  • Personal connection and cultivate over time. This is tried and true. Straight up America.
  • Get involved: associations—find others who like what you like. And this is the most fun. I often tell people that I’m pretty much of a geek. Geeking out with others who share my passion for search engine optimization is truly a gift!!! Find your people!
  • Do more business in person. I’m all about social media, blogging, and LinkedIn networking, but meeting in-person is a deal maker.
  • Be open and friendly, listen well. Of course, the more open you are, the better able you are to deliver exactly what your client wants.
  • “I thought you might be interested in this:” send articles or tidbits to connections that would be interested. I like this one too. It shows that they’re on the top of your mind.
  • Start a group: meetup/litterlink. This lady picks up litter with neighbors in designated areas and formed this group on She swears she gets deals made while cleaning up the city… Genius! Connecting with others who share the same passions.
  • Use social media to listen, then connect in person, then on LinkedIn. Good strategy.
  • Do favors for people.
  • Start a conversation in person, continue on social media until your next meeting. This was a popular one, but worth repeating in this day…
  • Phone call. Yep. A man of many words…
  • Go to events that are full of potential clients. If you’re a doctor, go to a talk on how to avoid sports injuries… If you’re a Pet Sitter, go to a talk on How to help your puppy overcome separation anxiety…
  • Call people you almost forgot you knew. Catch up! Rekindle, check in, create excitement for new projects!
  • Use LinkedIn for your networking. A big duh these days.
  • Seek out mentors. Always a great one.
  • Mentor other people. And one day you’re ready to pass on the gold to others.
  • Skype. Love Skype when I’m expecting it. As someone who works from home a lot, unless meeting out, I can tell you this is frightening. I had someone who wanted to Skype at 7:30 in the morning the other day, after we scheduled a phone meeting. Lets just say I’m glad I wear a wig. (I’m just kidding. I don’t wear a wig. But there was some serious 30-second primping going on so that I didn’t look like I just rolled out of bed!)
  • Provoke emotion: emotional memories are the most memorable because of endorphins! This is easy when you have things in common and you’ve developed a relationship with someone. Also, if you’re excited about the project, the excitement breathes from you. I’m often laughed at by my clients who say, “I really never expected to be this inspired by keyword phrases. You make it fun!” Well, I don’t even try. I’m  just a big nerd who loves words and puzzles. I’ve said too much. :)

So there you have it. Networking Tips from experts! Overall: Consistent Communication—Keep in touch. What would make you feel special or connected? Make that a practice of yours.

What are your networking tips? or how do you feel about the ones that were listed?


February WordPress & Social Media Meetup—Way More than Managing Your Time

I hightailed it over to Rialta Cafe on 16th Street last Saturday for a fabulous meeting of social media minds. Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff (Integrated Alliances—LinkedIn gurus / trainers and co-authors of Rock the World with Your Online Presence), hosted the now combined monthly Meetup group, The Denver WordPress & Social Media Meetup. It was casual, fun, and quite entertaining to watch the duo!

Aside from the hosts, the room was filled with people ready to better their businesses with and learn about social media strategy and time management— consultants and vendors were also present in the crowd answering questions and giving personal tips and guidelines.

This two-hour gathering was packed with great info and, though I had to make another appointment and couldn’t stay, it went over with most everyone content to sit in their seats and listen to every last word.

Beginning topics covered the back end of WordPress, autoresponders, newsletter platforms, and overall administrative tasks that take up valuable time and how to best manage them, just to name a few. Then we moved on to facebook, twiter, and LinkedIn.  I left this meeting feeling smarter….and geekier for sure.

@mentions and Golden Tidbits:

  • Cascading backlinks are crucial to great SEO—so link it up!
  • Email links create backlinks!—but woa there, buddy, if you have too many links in your email signature (more than 5), your email could be landing in your recipients’ spam mail as a result of their awesome firewall. (Try or to alleviate all those links.)
  • Lori explained an effective way to start creating a LinkedIn profile, “Build the house, then live in it a while, then maintain the house.” I thought that was a great analogy.
  • Another audience-vendor tip was to have all of your social media set up on your smart phone. In the spirit of time management, you can decide whether or not to respond at a moment’s notice, instead of waiting until you’re sitting in front of your computer.
  • Lori brought up something that I feel is really important whether you’re first starting your social media marketing plan, or whether you’re already knee deep: “The biggest pressure we have is the pressure we put on ourselves when it comes to time management. Separate and decide: this is my time—and this is the time I manage my social media.”
  • Allotting specific blocks and keeping to a schedule for Facebook, twitter, blogging, and YouTubing mangement is worth it. You’ll stay consistent and cover all your bases without losing your whole day or your marbles.
  • Writing scheduled blog posts is a biggie. If something comes up and you want to throw one in the mix, go for it, but having your regular scheduled blogging pre-created for future dates is a very effective timesaver.
  • Queuing up tweets that go with those posts with autoresponders like socialoomph, hootsuite, and tweetspinner are great ways to integrate and keep your sanity.
  • Multi-part blogs written as a series instead of “part I/part II” seemed to be the consensus and all agreed those types of posts are great for intralinking and an opportunity to use your keywords in the title.
  • Keep your keyword list close and your keywords closer! Whenever writing an article or blog, check out that keyword list and make sure your phrases are represented in all of your work!
  • Another time-management goody: I love WP because the SEO is automatic. Use what’s built in already for time management purposes.
  • Use the related posts option in WordPress for backlinks.
  • Mike brought up some great advice about hidden leads on LinkedIn: “One of the best ways to find leads in LinkedIn is to check out who’s been checking you out! Find out who’s been viewing your profile,  contact them and ask them how you can help.”
  • Change your passwords at least every 6 months, and don’t use the same password across the board! Using a formula is a great way to remember your passwords, while keeping them different. (example: same base each time, first two letters of the website, 4 or 5 numbers.)

My favorite bit of advice from Lori: “Always login securely, and when at a Hackers’ convention, never log in at all.”

Happy Day for Social Media,

Meg O’Morrow

Commitment Ring!—iPhone, i ♥ You, Review

commitment ringOrganize Your Life—Love Your Phone

I’ve been with Verizon for the last four years and, needless to say, my phone was considered by most a dinosaur as I got the free phone that came with my sign up… (I’m not proud). Four years is a long time to not check your email and social media by phone…

During that time I heard a lot about the iPhone

Oh AT&T, you monopoly—should I switch? should I wait it out? Verizon did a really good job guerrilla rumoring (for years) that it was just around the corner. They would have the iPhone too, any day now. It was a tough run, but my indecision paid off! By the time I dropped my phone in the toilet, the iPhone was here!

Verizon even sent me my phone before they were available in stores because I was a treasured long-time customer :)

The day it arrived, I later figured out that I had been on/setting up/playing with my phone for a full 7 hours straight.

When I finally went to bed, I awoke at the ridiculous hour of 5:00am. My iPhone was pulling me from my slumber…”Meeegggggiiinnnn…. I’m looonnneellyyyy. Come play with me! Come see all the neat things I can do!”

How could I say no?

I transferred all my contacts with Verizon’s backup assistant. I added apps for movie listings, social media, photo tweaking, and Google (of course). I organized all of them in little folders! Then I reorganized them! I added custom ringtones and applied them to each of my friends. I now know what the temperature is outside each morning before I even get out of bed because I check the handy dandy weather app first thing. I made sure to sync my google calendar so my trusty iPhone alerts me to each appointment and event. And finally, I caved and became foursquare Mayor…of my house.

Will you marry me, iPhone? I promise, I will never drop you in the toilet.