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Lymphedema Awareness Day—Press Release


Klose Lymphedema Care Hosts Annual Lymphedema Awareness Day Honoring Breast Cancer Survivors and Patients with Lymphedema

LAFAYETTE, Colo. (March 5, 2011) – Klose Lymphedema Care will host the third annual Lymphedema Awareness Day event on March 5, 2011 between 10:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at the Lafayette Public Library in Lafayette, Colo. honoring breast cancer survivors and those who suffer with the chronic disease of lymphedema. National Lymphedema Network Executive Director Saskia Thiadens will be the Keynote Speaker addressing patients, caregivers and lymphedema therapists. Industry venders will also be attending and available for compression product demonstrations.

“Our main objective in sponsoring this event is to bring awareness to the community about lymphedema, its risks and effective treatments,” said Founder of Klose Training & Consulting, LLC and Klose Lymphedema Care Guenter Klose. Klose states that Lymphedema is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood in the medical community, and regrettably the condition is often untreated. “Breast cancer patients who have undergone surgery and radiation can experience compromised lymphatic function due to their cancer treatment. When untreated, lymphedema can lead to functional difficulties or the development of a serious and painful infection called cellulitis.”

Lymphedema is swelling that occurs in the extremities caused by a compromised lymphatic system. This can occur at birth (Primary Lymphedema) or, more commonly, after surgery and/or treatment for breast, prostate, gynecological cancers or melanoma (Secondary Lymphedema).

“Fortunately for patients affected with lymphedema, the swelling is treatable through a combination of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) and compression bandaging,” said Klose who is an MLD/CDT Certified Instructor who teaches this treatment for lymphedema. “MLD is a specialized manual massage treatment that stimulates the lymphatic system improving lymphatic transport and function and is able to reduce lymphedema. The treatment of MLD is followed by compression therapy with the use of specialized bandaging and compression garments. This therapy is called Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT).”

Therapist for Klose Lymphedema Care Petra Schalk, OTR/L, CLT, LAc, expresses the importance for patients to seek therapy as soon as possible, “Don’t wait to get treatment. Lymphedema is a chronic condition that will not go away on its own.”

National efforts are being made to bring awareness to the public about lymphedema. HR 4662, the Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment Cost Saving Act of 2010, was introduced February 23rd by Congressman Larry Kissell of North Carolina with the intention to create wide-spread understanding about this condition and implement changes in healthcare costs that make caring for chronic lymphedema easier for those who suffer with the disease.

Declared by the state of Colorado in 2001, March 6th is officially Lymphedema D-Day. Patients and their families are invited to participate in this year’s annual Lymphedema Awareness Day March 5th. For more information, to RSVP or for directions visit or call Sheila Tallmon at Klose Training and Lymphedema Care at 303-245-0333.

Treatment of lymphedema is offered by specially trained and certified Physical, Occupational or Massage Therapists. For more information about Lymphedema and its treatment visit the National Lymphedema Network (NLN) website at


Sheila Tallmon




Rocky Mountain Lymphedema Study Group—Press Release


Klose Training & Consulting Hosts Quarterly Rocky Mountain Lymphedema Study Group at Exempla Good Samaritan

LAFAYETTE, Colo. (January 6, 2011) — Klose Training & Consulting, LLC. is hosting the Rocky Mountain Lymphedema Study Group (RMLSG) February 15, 2011 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Exempla Good Samaritan Medical Center in Lafayette. RMLSG offers specialized therapists the opportunity to ask questions, discuss case studies and troubleshoot treatment for patients with lymphedema, a condition that can present after cancer treatments. Certified Lymphedema Therapists (CLTs) and therapists who work with patients with lymphedema are welcome and encouraged to network and share professional experiences.

“The opportunity to discuss hard-to-treat patients with lymphedema in a specialized group and offer professional insight to other specialists creates a learning platform for Lymphedema therapists to hone their expertise,” said Founder of Klose Training & Consulting Guenter Klose. “The educational sharing that goes on between therapists regarding their professional experiences in treating lymphedema is invaluable.”

Both Klose Lymphedema Care CLT Petra Schalk and Klose Training & Consulting MLD/CDT and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation instructor Jodi Winicour, will be participating in this quarter’s RMLSG event. “The focus of this study group is to gather therapists with the commonality of treating lymphedema, a condition that occurs at birth or, more commonly, after surgery and treatment for breast, prostate, gynecological cancers or melanoma,” Schalk said.

Lymphedema therapists are asked to bring their questions and discussion topics to impart to the group. The casual atmosphere enhances easy communication when case studies are presented. Flash drives are utilized in an overhead presentation format. The study group agenda also includes a scheduled industry guest speaker.

“I’m looking forward to hearing about the latest compression garments from Barb Shearer,” said Jodi Winicour, “Shearer is this quarter’s industry guest speaker representing BiaCare.”

RMLSG is a study group where therapists can extend their professional experiences, ask questions, and learn from other therapists and industry professionals. It is a casual event and gathering for CLTs and therapists who work with patients suffering with lymphedema, wishing to network with other CLTs and discuss difficult-to-treat patients and patient case studies.

For more information or to RSVP for the February 15, 2011 Rocky Mountain Lymphedema Study Group event, visit the Klose Training Professional Calendar at or call Sheila Tallmon at Klose Training & Consulting at 303-245-0333.

For more information about BiaCare visit


Sheila Tallmon



SEO Press Release—Empowerment Conference



Peebler Legacy Gives Back—National Breakthrough to Empowerment Conference Unveiled in Omaha

Omaha, NE—January 2010. Mark Peebler of Dream the Biggest Dream™, unveils the first Breakthrough to Empowerment Conference Series scheduled for January 16 and 17, 2010 in Omaha, Nebraska. Ten cities throughout the country will host this motivational and proactive conference series led by The Dream Team followed by ongoing empowerment workshops supported by grants, local contributors, organizations and foundations.

Breakthrough to Empowerment Conferences are scheduled to commence in ten cities this year including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Seattle and Chicago. Omaha is the premier unveiling location. The two-day conferences are participation-based encouraging the development of personal awareness by identifying a breakthrough branded as the limiting beliefs that prohibit personal success.

Mark “Dr. Dream” Peebler is driven by his passion to assist others in realizing their true spirit of fulfillment. Peebler has created the Breakthrough to Empowerment series presented by Dream the Biggest Dream™, one of several companies under Peebler’s It’s All Good™ umbrella company. Peebler has created a lasting legacy by incorporating empowerment workshops that assist Breakthrough to Empowerment attendees through their experience as manifestors and achievers of their own dreams and personal goals long after the conference has passed.

Peebler is inspired by his grandfather, Morris Jacobs, who in 1921 started one of the top five ad agencies in the world. Known as a successful ad man and community philanthropist, Jacobs stated, “We must pay rent for the space we occupy on this earth. We must pay this rent by service to the religion of our choice, service to our nation, service to our city and state.”

Today Mark Peebler adds, “We must pay rent to the Universe by our service to humanity.”

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Teaching with knowledge from personal experience, Mark Peebler explains, “Breakthrough to Empowerment is a conference that will awaken the power within you to build your own dreams and create your divine life. It’s an extraordinary event that opens a door to a way of life that is fueled by the inspiration of your own personal spirit.”

As Kensington College (Santa Ana, California) staff, entrepreneur, national public speaker and business owner, Peebler believes and teaches that through service to others, your own dreams are realized. He uses the lessons gathered from his nine years spent in Sedona, Arizona honing the concepts that pulled him out of victim-mentality into a successful life of his own creation and imparts that knowledge from his own life experience to others. Peebler relays to his students his own ideas of how reality works and how to build, draw and create the life experiences of what one truly desires.

Conference activities and their following workshops are intended to teach self-expansion and growth while eliminating outdated beliefs. They are intended to drive and support achievement of self-empowerment and motivate the success of personal dreams.

To register for the Breakthrough to Empowerment Conference or find out further information on the Breakthrough to Empowerment Series and Empowerment Workshops visit, call 949-873-2672 or write to 220 Newport Center Drive, Ste. #11-282, Newport Beach, CA 92660.