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Building Your Brand on Twitter

Loved this article about enhancing and building your brand on twitter. Very interesting the number of tweets per day to keep your brand lively in the twitter feed!

I know it’s 2013 and we’re all “Twitter experts” (or like to think we are!) but after 7 years, Entrepreneur Magazine has given us TODAY’S “do’s and don’ts” for Brand Management in the Twitterverse. more:  Building Your Brand on Twitter.


Email Marketing Strategies – 4 Tips

This is a great post about some very useful tips to help you with your marketing goals. Enjoy!

Over the years email marketing has evolved based on the wants, needs and actions of the audience. Companies were abusing their client base and spamming them with an overload of emails, and still today there is a huge amount of spam.

As a result various spam filters and controls have been adopted filtering out obvious spam emails, but at the same time placing some good emails into trash boxes. So it is important to check your trash and delete boxes once in a while to ensure no good emails have arrived there before you delete all the spam emails. Read More: Email Marketing Strategies – 4 Tips.