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3 Tips for Creating a Targeted Permission-Based e-Mailing List

Email marketing (e.g. promotional emails and e-Newsletters) is one of the most useful tools for directly reaching your target audience and loyal customers.

So how do you start building an email list?

Kind of a given in this day and age of spam—everybody gets spam and everybody is ticked off by it—so the pre-tip here is that the list must be acquired with permission from your clients! This also builds your professional credibility.

Sidenote: I once joined a professional networking organization. I opted to be on the organization’s mailing list to get information about future meetings. When the organizer used that list for her own mailing list as a personal life coach, I wasn’t the only one in the group whose feathers were ruffled by this blatant act of shmarmi. The lesson is, people know when you’re being shmarmi, and they don’t like it. The last thing you want to do is send that kind of message from the get go!

Now on to the meaty goodness of creating a successful and effective email list for delivering your branding, product and services info, and promotions to the people who are dying to get it:

1. Inquire Face-to-Face.
Ask your existing clients when you see them if they would like to sign up for your monthly/bi-weekly newsletter to receive your latest and greatest promotions, event info. and current community events regarding your industry/product/service. When you let them know that you think they could benefit from your free offering, more often than not your customer will want to see what it’s all about.

2. Link it up by displaying easy online inquires on your blog, website, and social media pages.

Ask clients and prospective clients online to join your email list by first setting up with an e-newsletter service, and then using an html button to link to your member sign-up page.

These tools make it easy to reach your client. They will be able to see the sign-up list on your blog, on your website, Facebook, and any other social media you choose to drive traffic. Sign up requires a name and an email and snap. You’ve got an emai list easily managed by your e-newsletter provider.

By the way, there are several of these services that are worthy of your business. It all depends on what you need and which one you prefer to meet those needs.

Check out:

to name a few.

3. Include your links on all of your collateral—and show your clients what they’re missing!
Your business cards, rack cards, brochures, you name it, they should all sport your links, especially when you’re trying to build your e-list. Include your web address, twitter address, Facebook address, and blog address, all methods that should lead to your sign-up page. Make it easy for your clients and potential clients to find you.

You can promote your newsletter by including a teaser of the latest issue or link to your newsletter archives on your social media site updates and as part of your email sign off.

Printing out a sample of your e-newsletter for those of your clients who come to your office or shoppe is a great way to let them know that you’re offering an easy way to keep in touch with your promotions and events.

And one more thing…
Creating a free offer that goes with their email newsletter sign-up doesn’t hurt!
Do you have an e-book or e-pamphlet full of valuable info that would benefit your clients and potential customers? Free offers are extremely helpful in creating trust for lasting relationships as well as email lists.

Happy e-list creating and luck in your prose!


Vegas Spa Directory

Spa at the Oasis

Amazing features
With a holistic approach to improving spirit and mind harmony, this renewing focus balances the entire body. Oasis spa offers alternative health therapies such as Reiki life-force energy grounding, Cranio-sacral therapy and Chakra clearing.

Treatments to die for
Chai Tranquility is a custom blend of Chai and Ayurvedic spices and herbs that make up a rich anti-oxidant body wrap followed by a warm chai moisturizer. Pair this with a Reiki session and feel what the effects of letting go can do for your overall well being.

Rio Spa Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.

Amazing Features
Warm neutral décor and marble flooring surround patrons, immediately setting the tone for relaxation apart from the rest. With separate women’s and men’s exercise facilities, the Women’s Fitness Center is as spacious as it is filled with amenities. No fancy goes unnoticed from the comfort of private hydrotherapy baths to personal attendants who hand deliver cool washcloths in the dry redwood sauna where you’ll already find buckets of ice filled with orange slices and bottles of water.

Treatments to die for
Concentrating on the body’s most sun swept areas, enjoy a replenishing facial and hand treatment focusing moisture rejuvenation on the face, neck and hands.

When your body needs to replenish minerals and release toxins, pamper yourself with a complete system detox that includes mineral salt scrubs, a Tropical Forest mud wrap to exfoliate and nourish the skin followed by an application of warm Indian Springs mud and massage.


Amazing Feature
The spa experience begins when you enter the Platinum hotel with its contemporary décor in a nongaming, nonsmoking atmosphere. A petite spa, known for its quaint and private-residence feel, there is no walking through a smoky, noisy casino after experiencing a relaxing service. Low lighting with blue and brown soothing tones bring guests easily to a serene calm. The customer service stands out among the Vegas spas.

Treatments to die for
Turkish-style bath rituals focus on pampering and releasing toxins bringing mind / body consciousness to a pleasant equilibrium. Private steam rooms and a relaxation room stir away any stress. Spa packages incorporate deluxe hotel suites with WELL Spa treatments. Some spa goers say Well Spa’s detailed facials and beauty products used for these treatments bring them back over any other service. The Illuminate Facial utilizes bearberry and licorice and the Purifying Facial incorporates deep-sea algae focusing on the longevity of healthy skin. You’re sure to find the perfect one to suit your skin type. These products are then available for purchase.

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