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WordPress Website Customization and Web Copy

This project required a new WordPress theme, setup, customization, nesting and creating pages, adding buttons and widgets, and web copy/copyedits. The banner is a rotating picture gallery.


Website Customization and Copy

Website Copy Edit

Web Copyedit


Software Solutions Web Content

Our philosophy is to make sure your Software Solution truly reflects the culture and environment of your organization. We do this by solving your personal or company initiative and adapting to your vision. Embracing and understanding each company’s corporate culture leads us to communicate with only your needs in mind. The result becomes efficient, effective, and concise solutions.

Software Solutions accommodates individual businesses and personal use applications providing Software Solutions products that are customized. These customized solutions enable you to fulfill present goals and excel in future goals. Our drive is not only to create the advanced technology needed to facilitate the potential of our clients, but also to empower them with the confidence to communicate with their clients efficiently and effectively.

We help organizations with desktop application and enterprise software initiatives by

• Creating desktop applications that can automatically update themselves and be deployed with ease
• Leveraging existing IT system investments by making the data and information easily available and real time
• Adding Internet functionality to an existing application
• Building software that will allow applications of all types to access legacy data/information
• Modifying existing applications to perform functionality
• Adding security or functionality to applications by leveraging existing Directory Services or common user database
• Using Microsoft Office to its fullest potential

Rack Cards for Melissa Jones, Boulder Psychotherapist—Copy & Design